Tarp Clips & Zip-Ups

Tarp Clips & Tarp Zip-Ups are must-have accessories any gardener that uses tarps. Tarp clips and tarp tabs make it easy to secure any tarp in place; tarp zippers make it simple to create access doors or windows. 

Tarp Zip-Up

Tarp Zip-Up

The Tarp Zip-Up is a peel and stick zipper system. Creates easy access into tarp or poly enclosures. Easy installation. Opens from either side....
Lite Tite Peel & Stick Zipper

Lite Tite Peel & Stick Zipper

Black Tear Proof Tape Designed for use with ordinary construction vapor barrier to seal off work zones and gardening areas. This adhesive-backed...

New Products For October - Tarp Clips & Zip-Ups

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