Liquid Light 1 L

  • Model: 719277
  • Shipping Weight: 2.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dutch Master

LIQUID LIGHT puts your plants into overdrive by restoring their lost photosynthetic power. Liquid Light does this by providing your plants with selected minerals and phytonutrients that optimizes the Calvin Cycle, a critical cycle of photosynthesis. By restoring a large portion of a plants' photosynthetic speed, or power, plants are able to use a lot more of the precious light you provide them. Indoor Lighting is expensive to provide and the running costs can be enormous. LIQUID LIGHT works just as great outdoors maximizing your plants limited exposure to full sun. Great for gardens where plants are often shaded and LIQUID LIGHT is easy to use. Simply mix and spray twice per week it's that simple!

Not for sale in Oregon at this time.

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