Snow Storm Ultra 1 quart

  • Model: 719944
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Emerald Triangle

SNOW STORM ULTRA 0-0-3 by Emerald Triangle.

If you like Purple Maxx/Snow Storm, but color is not your primary goal, then Snow Storm Ultra is for you. Emerald Triangle isolated the “snow storm” effect and optimized it for maximum results. Absolutely nothing else like it on the market. Does not contain carbohydrates or molasses. Three years of development went into this Humboldt County original. Best of all, this additive works with all your favorite nutrient lines. When used with Gravity, Snow Storm will take your plants beyond anything achievable with fertilizer alone.

The name says it all. This amino based product tricks the plant into thinking it's heat stressed. The result is intense resin, fragrance and flavor production plus the well known frosted look that growers love. Not another carbohydrate or sugar water product. This is the real deal from Humboldt County.

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