Heat Exchanger, Ice Box 6 inch

  • Model: 904490
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Hydro Innovations

The Ice Box 6" Heat Exchanger is a safe and very efficient way to water-cool your entire grow room! It consists of a high-quality heat-exchanger with a strong molded plastic housing. One side of the housing is designed to install over a 6'' air-cooled reflector duct flange, and as an option the opposite side can be attached to 6'' air ducting (depending on inline fan placement). Air from your indoor garden is either pushed or pulled through the reflectors with an inline fan and then passed over the Ice Box heat exchanger. Cold water is circulated through the heat exchanger, cooling the air before it exits right back into the indoor garden area. The longer the tubing the higher the pump. But you don't want to use too high of a pump, due to the fact that it may not allow adequate time for the water to chill. If humidity is an issue in your room, you may want to put the reservoir outside the room.

  • 1/4 HP minimum chiller size is recommended per 1000 watts
  • 600gph-900gph pump needed depending on the length and size of the tubing
  • Approximately 250 cfm of airflow is needed to properly cool the fixture
  • Several units can be daisy chained together using one fan, only 250 cfm is needed though all fixtures
  • For maximum efficiency we recommend one Ice Box per reflector
  • Allows you to keep a sealed room and helps keep pest and pathogens out of the room
  • Keeps CO2 in the room instead of exhausting it out
  • By running the water approximately 20 degree colder than your environment it can reduce the cooling load or replace your a/c unit
  • Can be wall mounted with optional wall mount kit that includes the bracket and ducting coupler

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