Hot Spot Diffuser, 400W/600W HPS The Equalizer

  • Model: 904435
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Sunlight Supply

The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser for 400w/6000w HPS bulbs features:

  • Simply slide over a mogul base socket on most horizontal burning reflectors to filter & disperse the intense hot spot of light directly under an HID lamp.
  • With the hot spot diffused, you can hang reflectors closer to the plant canopy while reducing the risk of burning the plants directly under the lamp.
  • The revolutionary shape, size and hole patterns were designed using the latest lighting development software.
  • The Equalizer will aid in improving the uniformity of your fixture by reducing the hot spot below the lamp. * Made of 95% reflective German aluminum
  • Patent Pending

Fixtures that will accept the Equalizer: Cool Sun, Cool Sun XL, Super Sun 2, Yield Master 6, Great White, Magnum XXXL 6, Magnum XXXL 8, Large Convertible, Yield Master 4, Agrotech, Agrotech - Magnum, Vertizontal, Silver Sun, Econowing and Lumen Max.

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